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Our extremely talented staff can provide you with any of the following services:


            Even before starting the design process, MAP can help clients better understand their design needs.  Whether the ultimate goal is to build a new house, remodel an existing restaurant, or create an addition for a house of worship, MAP can help to analyze a client’s project goals and priorities, construction budget or timeline, behavioral patterns or unique personal needs, or any number of other processes that lead up to making critical decisions that allow your building project to move forward.

            From sole proprietors to major corporations with thousands of employees, MAP can help get a better handle on a the spatial needs and the smartest usages for the square footage of any facility. Whether inventorying spaces and square footages, performing a building analysis for Life Safety Codes or ADA compliance, or designing vital upgrades to your company’s facilities, MAP Facility Management can help promote greater employee efficiency, provide a more comfortable environment, and create a much better customer/client experience. 

            We provide services for large scale planning such as academic and corporate campuses, urban design, residential plot developments, and long-range strategic and multi-phase design.

            MAP will assist homeowner’s associations and other such organizations with the development, implementation and review of community-wide architectural design standards and details that help maintain a consistent level of quality for planned developments.

            Floor plans, elevations, diagrams and detailing, Engineer coordination, furniture layouts and lighting designs:       Construction Documents are the most integral part of most design and construction services, and MAP will provide a complete set of construction documents that can be prepared for contractor bidding, permit submission to the local building department, and final construction.

            After design is complete and construction has begun, MAP can provide for the client an ongoing service that monitors the construction progress throughout the term of construction.  MAP will visit the site on a regular basis in order to review the construction progress and endeavor to see that the contractor keeps to the intent of the approved construction drawings.

            MAP can provide services that aid in the restoration of historic structures, bringing new life to older buildings, through restorative specifications, adaptive reuse design or creative re-purposing of existing spaces.​​

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