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Stoneview Summit is a pair of five story luxury condominium buildings with twenty-five units each, located on the shore of Lake Martin near Dadeville, Alabama and part of the 2,000 acre Stillwaters Development. Stoneview Summits condominiums were designed for convenience living within a highly appointed environment that maximize the developer's investment return. The finishes and amenities have helped the project nearly sell out within a very challenging condominium market.


The Duster family resides in an apartment overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. Property in that area is exclusive and square footage is virtually unattainable. While they live comfortably, the family does not entertain often. It has been impossible to host family gatherings, dinners or parties in Manhattan, so they looked over the Hudson and found the Franklin Lakes community in New Jersey. In this picturesque, suburban environment, only 30 minutes from their apartment, they found a beautiful property with a 7,500 s.f. house with a swimming pool and tennis court. The problem: the house was not what they were looking for and the city would not allow them to tear it down. We were given the task of designing a delicate yet complicated demolition process, installation of a new steel skeletal structure on which the existing house was supported, and finally the development of a huge expansion of space designed around entertaining on a grand scale while maintaining the intimacy of a family home. From the 30 ft. domed ceiling to the spiral staircase that connects seven different levels of the house, to the roof observation deck, this house was designed to make a big impression and make you want to see more. With 11,750 s.f., this house does not disappoint.  

As a contractor, this homeowner built a similar home for his family from another designer. For years they lived with frustrating flaws in the design from the arrangement of the rooms, the size of spaces, the views inside and out, and basic functionality of the house. They called on us to solve these issues while still working within their existing home.  Rethinking and adjusting every detail of the house, we were able to capture and enhance every feature the family liked in the previous house, while addressing and remedying its shortcomings. Today, their home is a perfect example of the difference it makes to go through the process that a client experiences while working with Miller Architecture and Planning. The traditional style of the architecture conceals a state of the art combination of technology, efficient utility systems, and modern building methods. The interior design facilitates a multitude of entertaining options along with the daily lives of a busy family. This design is a reflection of the family that calls it home.