The Most Dramatic Before and After Imaginable

​        Not only did this home need to make a bold statement of luxury and sophistication while hosting huge gatherings of family and friends, and not only did it need to measure up to the creature comforts of daily living that they were accustomed to in their New York apartment overlooking Central Park, but all those expectations had to be realized through the renovation of an existing house that looked nothing like what they wanted that and in a neighborhood that does not permit tear downs. Starting with a 7K sf Tudor that exhausted the height restrictions, and a mandate that the footprint cannot expand, MAP peeled away every possible piece of the existing house without upsetting the local building rules. A new steel structural skeleton was integrated into the what was left of the former house, and every possible creative innovation was used to maximize space and create classic formality. From the 30 ft. domed ceiling to the spiral staircases connecting the seven levels of the house, from the indoor pool and sauna to the rooftop observation deck, from the elevator, bar and the grownup games room to the secret passages from the children’s rooms to their play room, this house was designed to make a dramatic impression and make you want to see more. With 11,750 s.f. In the final design, it does not disappoint.  


        Stoneview Summit is a pair of five story luxury condominium buildings with twenty-five units each, located on the shore of Lake Martin near Dadeville, Alabama and part of the 2,000 acre Stillwaters Development. Stoneview Summits condominiums were designed for convenience living within a highly appointed environment that maximize the developer's investment return. The finishes and amenities have helped the project nearly sell out within a very challenging condominium market.


Ever Wonder Why People Hire Architects to Design Their Custom Home?

        Over a decade ago, the CEO of a privately-owned construction company (strong enough to survive the recession of the late 2000’s) selected a set of plans from a website and erected what the family thought would be their dream home. After years of saying, “I wish I had noticed that in the drawings before we built it”, this long-time client of MAP for all types of projects all over the country, finally asked for a redesign of their home so they could build it over again from scratch- and build it the right way! “Don’t leave out any rooms, and add a few new spaces here and there, but make sure everything that should line up ACTUALLY DOES line up this time! While we’re at it, let’s consider flipping the whole design of the house upside down and mirroring the entire layout left to right. By the way, the building site is drastically different this time and our newly realized plans for future expansion must be accommodated so that we can grow seamlessly…” were just a few of the requests that came along with “the same house but right this time.” Carefully considering every inch, every nook and every niche of what would become their actual dream house, MAP checked off all the boxes in a huge and demanding wishlist to create something both familiar and yet revolutionary. No matter if you’ve been building for decades or if you’ve never swung a hammer, when a design is done well, it feels different, better, right! You don’t have to be an architect or an expert of design to know when something looks right- when it feels right because it’s done right! 

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