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        The main challenge in designing a new stage cover for O'Neal Plaza in downtown Douglasville was to provide a monumental structure that was appropriate to its historic surroundings without being literal or copying directly the materials and character of the adjacent buildings. A steel structure was chosen because steel is a historic material and yet it is modern in its form and implementation, thus carrying both connotations in an important, highly trafficked public space. The overall form also attempts to literally "bridge" the gap between historic and modern formal language. Providing adequate wind, rain, and sun cover was an important element in the development of the design as well. Since the sun sets toward the front opening of the canopy, the roof could not be extended out far enough to provide shade late in the day. Therefore we provided aesthetic extensions of the structural beams that would allow temporary decorative shading to be hung at the front of the stage if necessary. The structure itself is designed to provide hanging gantry locations for all of the equipment necessary for just about any type of stage production. And finally, the steel, from an aesthetic point of view, is intended to be evocative of the railroad tracks running adjacent to the plaza.   


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        Live Oak Village Shopping Center is a "from the ground up" speculative retail development built 5 miles south of the city of Douglasville. The retail spaces were designed with the exceptionally competitive marketplace in mind. The building is two floors with a secure storage facility on the lower level accessed from the rear of the property with store-front commercial rental space on the upper floor. The structure had to be visually arresting in order for the owner to attract tenants in the depressed economic environment during which it was constructed. The aesthetic has proven to be highly successful in that its retail space has filled faster than many comparable retail outlets of similar size throughout the region.

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        Few environments provide professionals and their clientele with quite the same level of personalized aesthetic style as the distinct interiors you can find in the business of tattoo artists. Ink and Dagger was already a well-established company employing award winning artists. Their previous studio was filled with unique and interesting items and artwork the owners and resident artists had collected. What their studio did not have was enough space needed to accommodate the high demand of waiting clients. Initially, MAP was asked by their contractor to provide basic permit documents so Ink and Dagger could move into the new space. However, when architectural artists get together with artists of skin, the collaborative creative energies were infectious and the results of their efforts was anything but basic. The new studio was significantly larger than their previous space, but the eccentric and dynamic interiors actually generated more interest, more traffic, and more business than they had expected. Within a few years, they were ready to expand into the adjacent tenant space, doubling the artist work stations and more than doubling the overall square footage. After having such a fun experience customizing their studio, you can imagine the excitement when MAP was asked to help them expand. Pictures for the new expansion will be posted soon. 


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        One of the very first buildings completed by Miller Architecture and Planning, Victorious Kidz Day Care is designed to maximize the program and capacity of the center for its owners while maintaining a sense of scale and character that is inviting and comfortable for the children who use it on a daily basis. Situated on a tight and awkward site, the building is specially planned to uniquely fit within the required setbacks while completely embracing the necessary interior programs and still allowing for plenty of exterior play space for the children. The exterior appearance is a blend of modern and traditional school house character that gives Victorious Kidz a one-of-a-kind uniqueness that helps it stand out within a very competitive day care business. 

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